Project Woodrow

Project Woodrow is a stunning representation of modern architectural finesse, designed to seamlessly integrate luxury with practicality. This custom home features a striking facade characterized by a harmonious blend of dark and light hues, complemented by elegant stone cladding that adds a touch of rugged beauty. Its design prioritizes spaciousness and natural light, with large, floor-to-ceiling windows that not only illuminate the interiors but also offer expansive views of the lush, green landscape outside.

Inside, the house unfolds into an open-plan layout that exudes a contemporary yet welcoming vibe. The interior design is marked by a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and a neutral color palette that serves as a backdrop to the high-end finishes and sophisticated fixtures. The kitchen, a centerpiece of the home, is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and features sleek, custom cabinetry and a large island that encourages social cooking and gathering.

Each detail in Project Woodrow—from the strategically placed lighting to the seamless transitions between the indoor and outdoor spaces—reflects a meticulous attention to quality and detail. This home is not just a dwelling but a statement of modern living, offering both functionality and aesthetic allure in equal measure.

9951 Woodrow St, Oakton VA

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